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ilu zero sugar electrolyte mix, strawberry lemonade, pack of 6 stick pouches

ilu zero sugar electrolyte mix, strawberry lemonade, pack of 6 stick pouches

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Our tasty zero sugar hydration mix is perfect for working professionals, students or anyone seeking peak health and performance. 

Each pack contains 6 stick pouches of 5 gm each packed with 2x more electrolytes than your typical sports drink, but zero sugar, not even the hidden sugars. Plus there are added essential vitamins and MCT powder to help you win your day.

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Quench thirst faster

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Prevent Muscle cramps

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Sustain healthy fasting

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Elevate your mood

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Mental clarity and focus

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Fuel your workouts



  • SUPPORT NERVOUS SYSTEM:You need sodium, potassium and magnesium for your nervous system to work and send electrical signals out from the brain.
  • CELLULAR HYDRATION: Hydration with electrolytes and not just water hydrates on a cellular level, necessary to power all muscles and organs in your body.
  • STRESS REGULATION: When the nervous system is not hydrated with the right balance of electrolytes it gets stressed & guess what you get stressed too!
  • ENERGY AND IMMUNITY BOOST: Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B12 help relieve fatigue and Vitamin C gives you an immunity boost. It is getting difficult to get these from diet alone.
  • IMPROVED MOOD: Most of us are deficient in vitamin D3 a major nutrient required for bone health & elevated mood apart from many more crucial roles it plays in our body.

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